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Schedule for Special Summary Revision

Sl.No. Stages of Revision Period Allowed for Stage
1.   Draft Publication of Rolls  15th Oct 2014
2.  Period for filing of Claims and Objections  From 15 Oct 2014  (Wednesday) to 10th  November 2014 (Monday)
3.  Reading of relevant Part / Section of Photo Electoral  Rolls in Gram Sabha / Local Bodies and RWA Meetings  etc., and verification of names.  17th October, 2014 (Friday)  and 30th October 2014  (Thursday)
4.  Special Campaign Dates with Booth Level Agents of  Political Parties for receiving Claims and  Objections  19th October 2014 (Sunday)  and 2nd November 2014  (Sunday)
5.  Disposal of Claims and Objections  By 20th November 2014  (Monday)
6.  Updating the Database, Merging of Photographs,  Updating the Control Tables and preparation and  printing of supplementary list  By 20th December, 2014  (Saturday)
7.  Final Publication of Electoral Rolls  5th January 2015 (Monday)
 Special Summary Revision 2015
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